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  • The Health Shed, Paddington
    The view off the balcony from my tree-house (yes, whilst in Brisbane, I lived in a tree in a house)
    Magnificent desk from recycled timber by Garth Gemmell, Master Craftsman. A pleasure to sit in and work from. Some of the wood came from a Stage-Coach. It smelled nice.
    Anthony Goes to Lunch
    The One, The Only Bruce Lee – balancing the elements having harnessed mysterious powers
    How Now Brown Frau
    Creating a Prefered Lifestyle
    Mora Color Therapy
    Milkyway above the mountains
    Innisfree whole health repair and recovery at Bentink
    Tai Chi old masters parchment
    The fire element
    The Australian Illicit Drug Guide
    The wood element
    The water element
    Hanging Rock
    The metal element
    barmah beats montage
    barmah beats montage
    Cover Artwork for WEIRDER MODULE by Gerhardt Hillman
    lunar debris logo
    psy-harmonics covers
    music notation by Stockhausen
    Molly Meldrum
    Sound flyer
    Sound flyer
    shen ying flyer
    shen ying flyer
    shen ying flyer