Year of our Life, 2018, 50 years of age.

I am part of a small and growing community of innovative practitioners dedicated to bringing the 24 Hour Chi Cycle Flow Program into our personal lives and those of our clients.  We currently use this program 3 ways:

1. “Repair and Recovery” purposes, if you are “not in a good place”, you will come “good”.

2. “Whole Health & Long Term Wellbeing”, continuing and ongoing for people who are “good” and want to get even “better”.

3. “Energetic Engineering”, for those who are “better” and are curious to achieve their “highest potential” or “realise one’s higher purpose”.  How far can you go?

Self realising techniques based in Eastern Cosmology constantly blending with our Western trained minds, expanding awareness, subject to the limitless “Field of Consciousness” (if you want).  Our western trained minds, turning inward with the techniques of Tao, Zen, Buddhism and Shivaic Tantrism.  

I am currently to be found at…

Community Health Initiative also lovingly known as our shared CHI Wellness Centre is all about the flow.  The flow of Chi.  Because Chi is for me.

The CHI Centre is all about community.  Growing, thriving, vibrantly engaged community.  I mean, why not?  A dedicated family friendly CHI centre filling with:

martial arts, acupuncture, drumming, somatic dancing, chi cycle counselling (Jost and Anth approved), meditation classes various, chinese herbs, essential oils, bespoke remedies, Qi Gong, Kung Fu, Aikido, Breathwork, quality practitioners various, healing modalities various, massage various, Tok Sen, Yoga (the full gamut with traditional lineages), Medicinal food prep workshops, Energetic Engineering Classes, Feminine Flow Circles, Potent Men’s Circle, cultural activity hub for other community bonding opportunities, Chi Cycle support classes and the crucial peer to peer support for the long haul.

Restorative relationships for long term occasion of care purposes.  Bit of a dream really.  Except that it’s real.  The CHI Wellness Centre is open right now, doing something amazing.  I have become a grateful conductor to a lovely, star laden orchestra.

2015/18 General Manager, Senior Clinician, CHI Centre, Flow Program Specialist for Long Term Well Being9 Langwells Parade, Northcote, Victoria, (03) 9482 2357.

The CHI Wellness Centre website is under construction with frequent updating can be found at:

Friends of CHI

Please do visit our new Facebook page to like it. It is called, “Friends of CHI”.  We need the help.

Friends Of CHI facebook

2015/17 Consultant Clinician, 24 Hr Chi Cycle Specialist, Naturalis Clinic, (Northcote)

Our Lifestyle medicine approach and service delivery model may found in some detail at the following web address.  It is our old identity.

2006/17 Private AOD Counselling Practice, Addictions Whole Health Repair & Recovery, (Melbourne) Addictions counselling and bodywork, specialising in assistance for the reduction of problematic drug use behaviours. Life Action Planning, Meditation, Bodywork, Applied Physiology, Vibrational Healing Systems, MORA color treatments & Breathwork.

2013/14 Overnight Manager Residential Rehab, “Innisfree”, (Woodend) “Live-in” position for 2 days/1 night. Overnight responsibilities include meal preparation, client supervision, medication administration schedule, morning handover, management of facility. Day program treatment service provider, Meditation, Life Skills Program (AOD/Mental Health specific), Counselling, Breathwork.

 2012/2015, Creator of Not For Profit entity, “Drug Info Health Addict” both as a continuance of care tool and for general information as relates to alcohol and other drug repair and recovery.  You can peruse the writings of Ozie Moses (AKA me) at;

Drug Info Health Addict

Up until Febraury of 2012 I was “Anthony, The Managing Director” (Cue sound of trumpets, image of bloke jumping through flaming hoops, lots of them) of Australia’s world class YinYang Rehab, in partnership with Jost Sauer, based in his “Health Shed” located in Brisbane. No crisis too big, no solution too small. A truly life changing and life affirming experience. It has literally made me into the practitioner that I am today. You can check Jost’s page here:

Jost Sauer

The following is my biography and involvement:

“ANTHONY EATON B.Ec, Grad. Cert. AOD Studies (Turning Point)

Born in 1967, Anthony is an economist, kinesiologist and also a musician with a flair for management.  With a background including stints as a DJ, music festival director, night club manager, body-worker, counsellor, breath-worker and pioneering MORA color therapist, as well as many years of experience in drug and alcohol crisis intervention – in often volatile situations; negotiating, advocating and mediating between clients, judiciary, families, police, schools and social services – Anthony has the ideal qualifications for Managing Director of the YinYang Rehab. Anthony can’t remember if he has a drug past.

It is all true. No, not really, I can’t back that. I do have a drug past and I can remember it, much of it. Many thanks to Kirsten AKA “K-Rat” for editing 6 pages of my nonsense down into the above paragraph. Beware! “K-Rat” has well articulated word skills, and will use them against you if challenged on the scrabble board.

The YinYang Rehab programs are based on the secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine. One of the most powerful techniques is converting your lifestyle into a healing medicine using the powers of the Chi-cycle. This ancient technique delivers awesome results.

That this information is still largely a “secret” is truly, one of the great mysteries.

In the context of Australia, possibly the world too, YinYang Rehab delivered a pioneering repair and recovery program.  The principle is flawless with a meaningful, sustainable outcome for any participant who willingly engages.  YinYang Rehab is one of my most beloved communities, inspirationally lead by my friend and mentor, Jost Sauer and his ever-changing “Shed Mob”. Much love and appreciation to Jost, Rick Young (early morning trainer to the stars), Julie Ann (made of FNQ real-deal hippy star stuff), and James F. (apprentice Qi-queen master-chef). Thank you for having me in your health shed. The following link is what YinYang Rehab became:

Urban Drug Rehab

Year of our Life, halfway through 2011

I arrived in Brisbane, with suitcase on July first. Start of the new financial year, and a good date to start a new business. BTW Brisbane has no concept of winter. None. End of debate.

Before leaving for Queensland, and my new life in the humid lushful tropics, a fateful event, that had to happen, did: Her full name was “How Now Brown Frau”. “Frau” for short.  Rescued from the death row section at the animal shelter by Jen (ex-partner, dear friend) and I, seventeen years ago. My longest serving companion and a “detached from the outcome” master of life. She weathered the personal storm of two ex-partnerships and demonstrated, by example, a grace of ease and simplicity that left me begging in the dust. My beloved Frau passed away just after Easter. She died peacefully at home, in old age. I miss Frau yet still and smile when thinking of her. Vale.

Most of my professional time, over the past decade, has been developing Anthony as “Possibilities” Counsellor, inclusive of Body-work, Breathwork, Meditation Instructor, MORA-Color Therapist and Creating a Preferred Lifestyle,  Life Skills session provider. This year I racked up my 5000+th “client occasion of care” in both clinical and informal, or unorthodox environments or settings. I began accepting money for health and wellness services at 33 years of age. The first ten bucks was the most thrilling. Ten years later I seem to have developed a solid yet flexible skill set driven by an eclectic, possibility laden mind. Or contrary, dependent upon your view.

To all my beloved clients/friends, current and past, I might gamely venture that you came out better for the experience. Most certainly I did, and continue to do so. Unlocking the mysteries and memories of bodymind is some of the most rewarding work I have ever attempted. I love it, it is never the same thing twice and works best when it is connecting in the sunlight of personal touch.

Year of our Life, 2010

This year was special for the following: I incorporated MORA Color therapy into my practice.  My mentor is Dr Zenon Gruba, master healer, innovator of the MORA color approach and highly regarded internationally within the field of biological medicine, and loved by his patients in Melbourne. He is an absolute treasure trove of information and high energetic fun to share time with.  He calls this technique “The Music Of Acupuncture”, or “Total Body Colour Acupuncture”.  It is a device for the immediate relief of acute and chronic pain, by introducing “frequency split/specific light” into (or through) the body, via the body’s map-like meridian system or local to the area of distress.  As pioneering people this technique is years ahead. Think Star Trek, but for real. I love it and use it daily, on clients, family and me.

Lumen Health tech specs and useful applications of MORA colour

OIRF a community of bio-resonance practitioners of which I am a member & research associate.

Year of our Life 2009

I helped to establish, “Innisfree Whole Health Repair & Recovery”, in Kyneton, country Victoria. Full credit to the partnership of Michael and Amanda for making it so.   They have shown the commitment and tenacity necessary for a successful outcome.  A lot of hard work.

Innisfree Whole Repair & Recovery

2009/14 Innisfree Whole Health Repair & Recovery. Consultant,  Clinical treatment service provider, Breathwork, MORA color for live-in residential rehab located in Kyneton, Victoria

2008/09 Post Drug Healing & Training Centre, Melbourne.  Senior Clinician, Counsellor/Bodywork. “Face to face” counselling service for individuals and their families transiting through substance misuse issues.  Therapeutic scheduling for full time (urban rehab) residential clients.  Group “Life Skills” session provider, “Creating Preferred Lifestyle”.

Year of our Life 2008

My first formal AOD services sector counselling job.  And I enjoyed it immensely. Like all such things, not built to last. It had regular pay, super-annuation, something mysterious called salary sacrifice. I did not warm to this idea. No, not one little bit.  The problem is in the wording.  The system is fine.

2007/08 Health Link at Turning Point. Telephone Counsellor, Grade 3 (Enhanced).  Specialising in referral and counselling assistance to individuals and families facing addictive behavioural disorder issues.  Directline, Gamblers Helpline, DACAS, Family Drug Helpline, Drink Driver, Drug Diversion (Victoria Police), YSAS.  24/7 shift work covering the needs of Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Queensland.


Counseled a lot of people, experienced the twin fangs of denial and revenge workplace style. For which, in retrospect was a good thing. After I left to pursue AOD related interests I was prohibited from coming back. This forced me forward.

Preceding the Year of our Life, 2008.


Dr Andrew Campbell, the “Good Doctor” and partner Loris. I would like to tell you what Loris does for a living. But I cant. Suffice to say, she does good work. As does the good doctor. Author of the “Australian Illicit Drug Guide”, Dr. Campbell taught me a love of all things Frued, played blues guitar and put me to task as research assistant and guided me through the AOD labyrinth as professional mentor and clinical supervisor.  Gratitude upon high for this lovely man.

In 2008 I became Silva Mind graduate, and have since facilitated over 10,000 controlled relaxation (dynamic meditation) in-clinic sessions. Better and better indeed.  Of all the things I have learned, I regard Silva Method as one of my primo “game changers”.  My teacher and friend Gabriella Garbacz, taught by Jose Silva himself, and amongst his last students before he died, is in the experience of my life, a special gift.  Every day in every way I am getting better and better. Indeed.

In 2002, I was initiated into Breathwork by Stan Grof, himself the originator of the “holotropic” technique (AKA Re-birthing).  Since then I have facilitated 1200+ sessions, conducted mostly in groups in either clinical or outdoor bush settings. Additionally, I write, record and play original music specifically composed for these events.  Infrequently I put on “Dance in Bliss” events, combining breath-work, awesome dancing music, followed by didgeridoo meditation by an indigenous (Aboriginal) elder.  I host, along with my community, awesome personal growth/experience events, which are mostly organized through facebook and the email list of participants collected from over the years.  Drop me a line, I will add you to the list.

The following is part of my Curriculum Vitae, as I have presented it to prospective employers from time to time, who then in turn, routinely dismiss my applications as “under qualified”, “over qualified” or “please cease and desist strange person”.

2005/14 Private Clinical Practice.  Consultancy, addictions counselling and bodywork, specialising in assistance for reduction of problematic drug use behaviours. Life Action Planning, Meditation, Educational Kinesiology, Neural Organisation Technique, Massage, Shiatsu, Chi-Cycle Program.

2004/05 Life Skills Program, Gateway/ConneXions, Jesuit Social Services, Collingwood.  Initiated, developed and delivered  “Creating My Preferred Lifestyle” program as a creative engagement educational system, to address the needs of predominantly dual diagnosis “at risk” young persons.  Very special as this is where CPL sessions begin.

2002/04 Organisational Director, “Barmah Beat Festival” Community Cultural Development Project,

Run in collaboration with and held on remote Victorian Aboriginal community land owned by the Yorta Yorta Nation, responsible for all aspects of the festival operation. Festival vision was “Bridging the Cultural Gap”, through music ceremony, reconciliation, acknowledgment and healing.
Provided employment opportunities for indigenous/non-indigenous “at risk” young persons as artists, performers and arts workers.
Delivered harm minimisation information on behalf of the YSAS head office as relating to the problem of increasing consumption of volatile substances.
Team Leader to a “not for profit” enterprise and volunteer workforce of over 70 people.
Cummeragunja Mission (Barmah) & Rumbalara Co-Op (Shepparton), Dj workshops during the year with the marginalised young persons of the Yorta Community.
2002 Regional Victoria, at my own initiative I have taken projects into Shepparton working with the Department of Human Services and Brayton Family Services assisting young Aboriginal domestic violence victims.

2000/02 Melbourne Juvenile Justice Centre, Parkville
Kangan Batman Institute of TAFE/ Department of Human Services.  Sessional Teaching, Computer Music/Literacy, Music technologies and vocational training, using music as a means of communication and social therapy to incarcerated young males in an often volatile and extremely challenging environment.
Responsible to management for the collection of data, worked autonomously within a group dynamic, demonstrating the ability to plan and implement work schedules and deliver programs.
Designed and delivered “holiday” programs involving radio production, live performance and music.
Developed continuing relationships and provided employment opportunities within the music industry for post release clients.
Client supervision, program delivery and case worker/security team/management liaison.

2001/07 Gateway Program, Jesuit Social Services/ Living Music PL.  Program Delivery.  Creative engagement sessions to support the organisational aims of harm prevention for young persons at risk presenting with problematic drug use and mental health issues.
Fitzroy Youth Substance Abuse Service (YSAS), day activity program
Collingwood Alternative School, conducted classes for marginalised young people.
Brosnan Centre, program delivery for young male offenders, post release.


Turning Point, Alcohol & Drug Centre, Graduate Certificate in Alcohol & Other Drug Studies, Scholarship student (2005-2006). One semester left on Graduate Diploma in same.

College of Complimentary Medicine, Vibrational Healing Systems, Applied Physiology (2007)

RMIT University, Certificate IV, Small Business Management (2005)

SAE, Creative Applications of Music Technology (1994)

La Trobe University, Bachelor of Economics (1986-1989)


Occidental Institute for Research foundation, Research Associate in Biological Medicine

International Institute for Complementary Therapists, (IICT), Full Member

Silva Mind International, Graduate & community member

Buoyancy Foundation, Outreach Service, volunteer participation

Aikido, Field Aikido Centre, Japanese Martial Art

APRA, Writer Member


Below this line be unedited/edited text.
Journey on in peril of confusion or delight.


Certainly the last thirteen years has been as much of a surprise to me as anyone else. Because I was certain that a musical life had me written all over it. If you want to hear God laugh, make a plan.


This page is kinda like how it was meant to be afore it went where it did.

The first born of Alan and Marilyn. Brother to Claire and Nicko. Grandchild to Avis and Ron and Edna and Arthur. 1967 was a good year, Hendrix released “Are You Experienced”, Beatles were on top of their game, Pink Floyd made their debut, The Silver Apples made prototype techno, LSD, pot, pills etc., were readily available, the pyschedaelic age arrived, wide spread civil disobedience occurred, drink driving, whilst not wearing a seatbelt was encouraged, we sent dogs, monkeys and people hurtling into space. No? Too far back? Lets go forward.

I LIVED A MUSICAL LIFE (and I still do),

Of Personal Interest

You can listen and such at soundcloud.

iTo Music

The music Of Anthony “iTo”: Before “iTo” there are bands of Rock n RollSinger, songwriter, promoter, organiser of gigs, drummer, percussionist, keyboardist and guitar player. After the band odyssey, “iTo” becomes my solo artist performing name.

The following is my brief musical bio:

iTo, is a Melbourne based sound and media artist, who, flying by the good grace of imagination, began composing electronic music in the late 80’s. (If you plug it into the wall, it IS electronic music).

iTo logoStudying composition and applied musical technologies with Ollie Olsen in the early 90’s, technical skill merged with aesthetic temperament, pushing iTo’s music into new directions, producing a constantly challenging concept of what an electronic artist can be. Uniting a sense of inventiveness, a fruitful collaboration expanded and blossomed into something worthy of release.

As a producer, iTo has performed and written with numerous bands, ensembles and improvisation groups. As a recording artist, DJ and live performer, he has for more than a decade released work both solo and in collaboration, providing material to Psy-Harmonics, one of the originals and probably Australia’s most interesting electronic music label.

iTo has completed two albums, plus a voluminous collection of other odds and ends that broadly fall under the categories of psy-trance, slo groove, techno, drum’n’bass, breaks, ambient, aperiodic and vocal. It’s an ethereal multi-cultured brew cooked up in a borderless musical world.

My Great Grandmother played piano, lived loose, divorced her husband, travelled Australia & taught at the Victorian Conservatorium in the days of Nellie Melba. My Grandfather (her son) played drums for the big bands of Melbourne’s Jazz dancehall heyday. In the earlier day they played together in the moving picture theatres as the musical accompaniment to the news reels and movies in the dark.

This musical bloodline is a thread that travels within me. (In Japanese, iTo describes thread!) And this music is always wanting to get out. Beyond my family the major influence on me musically is Ollie Olsen. Who whilst mostly self taught, he did take class with Felix Verder, who was in turn taught by Karlheinz Stockhausen. High standards indeed. I also count Molly Meldrum, who once told me the secret of Pop music and years of watching Countdown/Rock Arena/Rage as influential.

Also of note is Mum’s music in the house: Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, Aretha, Ella, Liza, Cleo, anyone singing from the Burt Bacharach songbook, Oscar Peterson, Dionne, Led Zepplin, Credence, Beatles. Abba was the first band to make an imprint. I distinctly remember being road manager, driving around the house, in a couch, room to room, around the world, performing the hits with my sister Claire, and Loretta from next door. The tours were successful.

Published works include:

  • “WEIRDER MODULE”, Lunar Debris, 2001, (LP)
  • “NUROKIC”, Psy-Harmonics, “Experience Vol 5”, 2001, (Compilation LP)
  • “MUSCAT/1”, Green Ant, “Ambi-Ant Beatz”, 2000, (Compilation LP)
  • “AN-TOO”, Narcosys, Feature Sci-Fi movie, (Soundtrack).

The cover artwork on the WEIRDER MODULE was by Gerhardt Hillman

Gerhardt Hillman


As a DJ, iTo plays with as much of the same infectious and spontaneous eccentric energy that underlies his production work. With a regular Friday performance @ ShenYing nightclub, Melbourne’s only alternative trance club, iTo pumps rhythmic thump spliced with a twist of Avant Spaz. Embracing first generation DJ technology, he not only plays pre-recorded original music, but manipulates, re-arranges, re-mixes and re-edits all material live to the house, creating an improvised genre-bending soundscape. It came to be later known as the “mash up”.

Sound Nightclub in partnership with Stewart Payne of Geometrix renown.


An accidental teacher. A friend I trained with in Aikido, asked me one night if I would like to work with kids in crisis. Thinking it was volunteer job, I said yes. Turns out it was paid and was in juvenile prison. I think he got the words “crisis” and “jail” confused. The funniest job interview ever, the supervisor accepted my CV, put it in the bin, then put it too me bluntly, “We have seen you “inside”, will you stay?” I did. The TAFE mob were excellent and my supervising co-worker was the delightful Josie Jason, one of the best people I have ever been in the company of.  Vale Josie.

After juvenile prison came a longer stint working for Living Music with Andrew McSweeney and John Favarro.  Taking music into the darkest places and shining the light. I look back on that time in the Arty department and all the different places, fondly. Even choking half to death on car fumes in that crazy installation under the Arts Centre, St. Kilda Road.

Living Music

And then on my own, with posse to match. Read: Collector of lost souls, or possibly a pied piper syndrome thing.
Shen Ying — 2002
Shen Ying Nightclub

(A sharp turn in musical direction)

Barmah Beat

The Pitch… How it happened.

Yorta Yorta Nation
Council Of Elders
C/O Monica Morgan CEO

Firstly let me begin by acknowledging the traditional owners of Barmah land, people of the Yorta Yorta Nation.   I would also like to acknowledge the elders of the Yorta Yorta Nation as custodians of the community.


Bridging the cultural gap through music

Cultural acknowledgment


Cultural Festival, Labour Day weekend, March 2003

2-4 Day Music/Cultural Program

  • Koorie information/entertainment showcase with electronic musical accompaniment.
  • Electronic music festival with Koorie accompaniment.

Co-operative partnership arrangement between

  • Yorta Yorta Nation
  • Anthony “ITO” Eaton, trading as Lunar Debris

And that is exactly what happened, over the next three years. It nearly killed me. But what does not kill you, certainly makes you stronger.

Relevant background:

iTo is an Australian born, bred and based composer.  I make future music for the hear and now; Australian Style.  I strongly desire to play this music in the best possible space that I can imagine, outdoors, on land that has powerful spiritual resonance.

The following artists have lent their in-kind support:

  • Simon Polinskii, producer, artist and audio engineer whose productional credits include Kutcha Edwards.
  • David Thrussell, PBS every week public radio broadcasting, “Rude Furniture”.
  • Shannon Giles, RRR every week public radio broadcasting, “The Backroom”.
  • Andrew Muscat-Clark, voice, Student of Dame Joan Hammond, DBE, CMG.
  • Josie Jason, MJJC, senior music co-ordinator & rock goddess.
  • Simon Terrashpere, world beat indigenous groove event co-ordinator with Australia wide and international connections.
  • Ross Bencina, creator “Audio Mulch”, music software.

Other performers for the first festival include:

Ciccia, Organica, Jups, Cat/Dev/Null, Mantix, Grey Area, Rip Van Hippy, Lumukanda, Kundalini, Krusty, Jenni Daggers, Alida, Swytek, Miles, Otto-Q, James Boddington, Charlie McMahon. Distorted X, Syzmix, Theo, Chris Amor, Melbient, Manny, Ajax, Dominic Hogan, Yorgo, Hugo, Ozmeista, Dale & Graza, Paul Kearney, Mr Bollinger, Amor Bros, Dak, Mental Justin, Robyn Spear, Vector, Sugar, Reeza, Pete, Zog, Planet 606, PB 909

In addition I have through my weekly trance nightclub made connection with various unheralded Koorie performers, particularly didge players. It is my intention to get as large a contingent together of willing participants.

And I did.

Koorie Heritage Trust



Earlier History     1986-1999

Teaching    Box Hill Senior Secondary College, Sessional Teaching, Computer Music
Decibels Community Studio, Sessional Teaching, Computer Literacy program development
Revolver, School of Modern Music, Sessional Teaching, Computer Music
Jordanville Technical School, Teaching, integration aide for young persons with an extreme variety of learning difficulties.

Media        RRR FM, Osso Booko Show, Producer/Writer/Presenter
3CR, “Stick Together Show”, Combined Trade Union Broadcasting Committee      Producer/Journalist/Presenter,
Librarian, Project Officer, Archive Establishment & Maintenance
Australian Reference Services, Media Monitor, Studio Assistant (Video/Audio)/Dispatch
Murray Red Cross Canoe Marathon, Media Liaison Officer, volunteer position, 5 years


There is more.  Always more.

That enough. if you like it all well and good. If you dont, that is ok to.


  • The Health Shed, Paddington
    The view off the balcony from my tree-house (yes, whilst in Brisbane, I lived in a tree in a house)
    Magnificent desk from recycled timber by Garth Gemmell, Master Craftsman. A pleasure to sit in and work from. Some of the wood came from a Stage-Coach. It smelled nice.
    Anthony Goes to Lunch
    The One, The Only Bruce Lee – balancing the elements having harnessed mysterious powers
    How Now Brown Frau
    Creating a Prefered Lifestyle
    Mora Color Therapy
    Milkyway above the mountains
    Innisfree whole health repair and recovery at Bentink
    Tai Chi old masters parchment
    The fire element
    The Australian Illicit Drug Guide
    The wood element
    The water element
    Hanging Rock
    The metal element
    barmah beats montage
    barmah beats montage
    Cover Artwork for WEIRDER MODULE by Gerhardt Hillman
    lunar debris logo
    psy-harmonics covers
    music notation by Stockhausen
    Molly Meldrum
    Sound flyer
    Sound flyer
    shen ying flyer
    shen ying flyer
    shen ying flyer